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Tom’s box of books at Bob and Ginny Hillock’s Seattle home   Leave a comment

The Thomas Trail: every contact leaves traces

(1961-1962) Tom’s friends Bob and Ginny Hillock

13539 23rd Avenue N.E., Seattle 55, Washington

1 December 1962 Tom writes letter to Bob from Mexico City: “To get certain miscellaneous crap out of the way: if it’s not bugging you by its presence, that box of books might just as well stay where it is for awhile. Unless for some reason it’s an imposition. I don’t know how long I’ll be staying here, see, is what it is, and I don’t know, workwise, when exactly I’ll be needing the books in the box. Also, it is getting toward the end of the year, which means the Kite Factory [Boeing] ought to be sending out W-2 forms any time now. That is if you are still at the kite factory. If you are, you could do me a favor. They don’t have an address for me. Could you, maybe, buddy, tell them to send it to you, the W-2 forms, and you could send it on to me?…”

01_Bob (Robert) and Ginny (Virginia) Hillock - 13539 23RD AVE NE 98125. Parcel. 638150-2015

1 Dec 1962 Tom's letter to Rob Hillock

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The Boeing Company   Leave a comment

The Thomas Trail: every contact leaves traces




The Boeing Company

(1960-1962) Pynchon had spent Feb. 22, 1960, to Sept. 13, 1962 working for Boeing on the BOMARC and Minuteman missile projects. Colleagues recall Pynchon as long-haired, mustachioed and distinguished for meticulous and tireless research. Pynchon wrote most extensively on the “BOMARC” winged surface-to-air missile. He also wrote on the Minuteman inter-continental ballistic missile or ICBM.

The Boeing Company, P.O. Box 3822-UPR, Seattle 24, Wash.
[7755 E. Marginal Way, Seattle, Wash]


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