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The Thomas Trail: every contact leaves traces

Greenwich Village, NY: Thomas Pynchon at Gerde’s Folk City, 11 W. 4th Street, 1 Block West of Broadway.

Well, I met Tom — I think I met him more in New York at Gerde’s Folk City, that kind of thing, which was a place we initially all went to. I remember Tom as a man who was preternaturally almost — he had the aura of someone who stood in the back of a room and was looking at everything, taking in everything. He was very much a man who was attentive to everything that was going on. And he exuded a kind of almost genius that way, as if he had this enormous talent as an observer. (David Shetzline)

Gerde's Folk City, 11 W. 4th Street, 1 Block West of Broadway

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  1. I think he’s in the police car that passes by Doc as he’s walking towards the police station. You basically can’t see him–but someone’s there.

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