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Thomas Pynchon meets Byron the Bulb?

Barefoot in the Head, 1990.      LP Label: Forced Exposure.      Liner Notes: Thomas Pynchon.Barefoot in the Head Liner Notes - Thomas Pynchon

One January night in 1990 Jimmy Johnson, Byron Coley and Thurston Moore must have had one too many bongloads at Byron’s backyard at 43 Alpine Street, Somerville, MA. Byron Coley, former writer for Forced Exposure and longtime prankster, must have had his brain unclenched when he had a real spiritual revelation, or was it hallucination?, when none other than Thomas Pynchon shows up and sez, “gi’ me som of that righteous boo!” Well…?, truth or fiction, …you be the judge!

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Somerville, MA
January, 1990