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Steve Erickson childhood home

(approximately 1955 – 1963) 11437 Ostrom Avenue, Granada Hills, CA 91344

“I grew up in the San Fernando Valley before it became a metaphor for modern American suburbia. At this time in the Fifties, the valley was very rural, with ranches and orchards and horses and strange white mansions that stood alone on open plains. When I was five years old we moved into a tract house that was part of a new tract neighborhood in the northern part of the valley, which was exploding into a hundred similar neighborhoods. Ten years later the neighborhood was gone.

Ten years after the dirt and dust of the valley had given way to lawns and pools, a freeway was built and the lawns and pools gave way back to dirt and dust. The neighborhood of my childhood lived its entire life within the time of that childhood. Later when I went back to see the house where I grew up, the house was gone but our swimming pool was still there, having missed the boundary line of the freeway and been given by the county to our former next-door neighbors whose house also remained. Beneath the beams of the still- unfinished freeway all that was left of my childhood was this patch of blue shimmering in the twilight, claimed by the chain link fence that jutted hungrily into the wasteland from our neighbors’ yard. It was common in my childhood to see the landscape change,…”

1962-1963 Granada Hills directory


11437 Ostrom_7

11437 Ostrom_4

11437 Ostrom_6


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