(1970- ) 123-125 Ann Street, Key West, Florida   Leave a comment

The Thomas Trail: every contact leaves traces




(1970- ) 123-125 Ann Street, Key West, Florida

In 1969 Thomas McGuane first lives at Loggerhead Lane, Summerland Key, Florida.

In 1970 Thomas McGuane lives at 123-125 Ann Street, Key West, Florida.

Tom McGuane first came to Key West in the 1950s with his father. Around 1970 Tom moved to Key West with his wife Portia “Becky” Crockett, and their son. Shortly after, Jimmy Buffett arrived in Key West in November 1971 and first stayed in the mcguane’s guest house for awhile. Mcguane wrote most of his novel Bushwhacked Piano in their house at 123-125 Ann Street.

123-125 Ann Street Key West

“I bought a house right down in the old town down by the ocean, a spectacular place on a huge lot. It had three little conch houses on it. I remember I paid $28,000 for it. That piece of property is now probably worth $5 million.” –Thomas McGuane


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