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The Thomas Trail: every contact leaves traces




Baxter Hathaway

In 1947 Baxter Hathaway developed Cornell’s creative writing program within the English Department. He also established the magazine Epoch, a literary quarterly staffed by the English department. After retiring from teaching in 1976, Baxter founded Ithaca House and began a new career as publisher, editor, and printer.

Pynchon took a course with Baxter at Cornell in 1959. According to Kit Hathaway, Baxter’s son, Tom was a frequent visitor to the Hathaway residence at Cornell.

Baxter Hathaway’s residence: 512 Wyckoff Road

Baxter  Hathaway 1956-1957

Baxter Hathaway 1973


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  1. and pre-Hathway, how about TP in James McConkey’s creative writing class 1957-58?

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