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The Thomas Trail: every contact leaves traces




Beckers Bakery

Bruce Owens says: A mutual friend had popped in on him and, at [Tom’s] suggestion, they went off in the old yellow Valiant his grandmother (or aunt) gave him, to buy fifty bucks worth of pies. It was a mild rainy day. My buddy said they piled the pies in neat rows along the back window. Evidently, there was a dusty book by [Tom’s] grandfather or some relative on trigonometry laying on the back seat. My buddy had an old-fashioned movie camera with him and took footage of the pie fight in the rain that ensued after they rounded up a few more locals for the fun. I have watched that movie-reel a hundred times since it was filmed. Here was our great literary man with pie in the eye giving out orders to everyone with Castro-like jeers!

Anonymous tip: “Bought pies for the lost student film Fie Pight!”



Beckers Bakery, 1025 N. Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach, CAL


Beckers Bakery2


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