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The Thomas Trail: every contact leaves traces




Fractured Cow

Pynchon spent a lot of time at the Fractured Cow, a Manhattan Beach local hang out. Today the Fractured Cow is Beach Pizza. The building is still the same and is located just a short walk from Pynchon’s 217 33rd rental house.

Brad from Portland, OR says: “I worked as a cook at the Fractured Cow while I was in high school (Mira Costa). Pynchon was a regular, and dated one of the waitresses. He sometimes brought his own steak from a local market, and asked me to cook it for him…..he always dined alone, and typically jotted notes as he ate. The Fractured Cow had more visible celebrities (including Lois Lane from the original Superman TV series), but Pynchon certainly was the most famous regular customer.”



Fractured Cow, 3301 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach, CAL




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