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The Thomas Trail: every contact leaves traces




Gordita Beach


217 33rd Street, Manhattan Beach, CA

SOUTH BAY / COVER STORY: A Tour De Force: From LAX to ‘Pulp Fiction’ Diner to Star’ Hangouts, Pop Culture Landmarks Dot Landscape Here
Los Angeles Times | April 20, 1995 | Ted Johnson | Times Staff Writer
The reclusive author of “Gravity’s Rainbow” and “Vineland” lived at 217 33rd St. in Manhattan Beach, in a small downstairs apartment next to Beach Pizza (then the Fractured Cow).
According to Jim Hall, executive director of the Redondo Pier Assn., Pynchon wrote “Rainbow” in his apartment in the late 1960s, holing himself up for weeks at a time.  Hall, then in the army, met Pynchon through a mutual friend, among a circle of aspiring writers and artists.
Coincidentally, across 33rd Street lived actress Phyllis Coates, best known as the original Lois Lane on TVs “The Adventures of Superman.”  Pynchon, it turns out, dated her daughter, according to Hall.
Hall remembers the author as a man who carried around a small plastic pig and lined the walls of his apartment with swine photos.  Pynchon often read Scientific American, a scholarly journal heavy in technical writing.
“He was deathly afraid that he would plagiarize another author,” Hall said.


217 33rd st




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